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    Acrymal™ EXB is a polymeric detergent, which has the functionality of a low foaming wetting agent, surfactant, chelating agent, peroxide bleach stabilizer, bleach activator and dispersing agent in one product.
  • The product is the key component in the Acrymal™ Express Bleach procedure. It stabilizes and activates hydrogen peroxide in bleach baths. No neutralization is required Acrymal™ EXB sequesters iron and copper and prevents catalytic damage to cotton. It retards formation of insoluble calcium and magnesium salts that can cause spotty dyeing and whitish smears, as well as of insoluble deposits on process equipment.
  • In addition to the above described properties and uses, the product works very well as a preventer of dye back-staining and as an after-soaping agent for reactive dyes.