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    Deflox 445 is a neutralized low molecular weight polyacrylate dispersant for pigments in water-based systems. Deflox 445 is a dispersant used for high solids, low viscosity pigment formulations.
  • It is a viscosity stabilizer over awide range of temperatures and a process aid to obtain higher solids at lower viscosities.
  • Deflox 445 is also used as a water conditioning and soil suspension agent for improving detergent formulations.
  • Low foaming and broad pH stability
  • Good sequestering capability
  • Typically, Deflox 445 is used at 0.05 - 1.0% by weight of pigment, depending on the system.
  • Deflox 445 is exceptionally effective in clay, calcium carbonate, and other pigments, as well as in coating formulations containing these pigments.