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    Desize 711 is a concentrated alpha-amylase enzyme which is used as a base for desizing fabrics sized with starch, starch derivatives, or blends of starch plus other synthetic sizing materials.
  • The strong power of Desize 711 allows for rapid conversion of the starch size into dextrins, which are easily removed by rinsing following impregnation with enzyme.
  • Consistent activity across pH range
  • Low temperature type for denim processing
  • Concentrated form ready for formulating
  • Process Conditions for the Desize Bath:
  • Operational Temperature: 90 - 140°F
  • Operational pH: 5.00 - 7.5
  • Usage Level: 0.2 - 0.4% o.w.g.
  • Operational Time: 5 - 15 minutes
  • Note: When using an alpha-amylase enzyme for desizing, it is recommended to use a nonionic detergent at .5% o.w.g. This will enhance the penetration and size swelling, along with assisting in the removal of waxes, soils, and other synthetic materials.