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    Dyeprep 888 is a non-formaldehyde based pretreating agent for direct-pigment, and fiber reactive dyes. It significantly improves dye washfastness of dyed cellulosic fabrics and their blends.
  • Improves dye yield for direct and pigment dyed fabrics compared to acid applied pretreatments
  • Improves washfastness to home laundering
  • High tolerance for salts
  • Contains no formaldehyde
  • Can be applied by alkaline exhaust procedure with satisfactory results
  • The recommended usage level of Dyeprep 888 is approximately 0.5 - 6% OWG depending on depth of shade and dyestuffs.
  • Dyeprep 888 can be effective at room temperature but optimal results occur when bath temperature is slowly elevated to 140°F for 15 minutes (light to medium shades) or 20 minutes (dark shades).
  • A significant increase in dye yield will be seen when pretreatment baths are adjusted to pH 10.8-11.2 with 50% caustic.