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    Jagtex II CONC was developed as a combination anti-redeposition agent used in garment wet processing.
  • Jagtex II CONC is particularly useful in reducing the backstaining of indigo and sulfur dyes onto synthetic fibers and the undyed portions of the garment.
  • Jagtex II CONC also improves the contrast between the abraded and dyed sections of the garment. Jagtex II CONC is a product intended for dilution before using.
  • Typical steps where Jagtex II CONC might be added are desize, abrasion, and wash-off.
  • Due to the high concentration and effectiveness of Jagtex II CONC use levels are typically a third of the normal use levels of most other anti-redeposition agents.
  • Depending upon conditions, a normal use level of 0.1 - 0.5% owg is adequate for controlling backstaining on both cotton and polyester.