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    Ultrabind BDB is categorized as a soft acrylic film former.
  • Ultrabind BDB forms a film to help strengthen woven and nonwoven fibers and provides a soft hand to pigment dyed garments while at the same time controlling dye migration during drying.
  • Strength Enhancer for Resin Systems
  • Provides a Soft Hand
  • Controls Migration During Dyeing
  • Dye Fixative for Pigments
  • For softening garments typical use levels are 0.50 - 4.00% o.w.g., dependent on the fabric weight.
  • The pH of the softener bath should be between 4.0 - 6.5, and the temperature should be 90 - 140°F.
  • Depending on pH, maximum exhaustion will be obtained in 4- 7 minutes.
  • For strength enhancement 2-8% acrylic may be used on the weight of bath for use in resin finish systems.