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    Ultralev AC is an anionic surfactant designed for maximum leveling of acid dyes on nylon substrates. Ultralev AC provides maximum level results on Nylon 6 or 6,6 fibers. Ultralev AC is the industry standard for superior leveling performance and Barre' coverage. Ultralev AC may be used to repair faulty shades due to maximum dye transfer with proper pH management.
  • Ultralev AC provides superior lightfastness on all nylon fibers.
  • Promotes Maximum Level Results on All Nylon Substrates
  • Excellent Leveling and Migration with Proper pH and Usage Levels
  • Provides Maximum Light Fastness
  • Excellent Barre' Coverage
  • Excellent for Exhaust and Continuous Dyeing
  • Excellent Stability in Highly Acidic and Alkaline Conditions